2017 Performances pt. 1

I realize I have not yet plugged this year’s gigs here.

For classical music, I’m in the bass sections of the Santa Monica and Palisades symphonies. Many shows coming up, all free. Santa Monica is playing the Firebird Suite – I’m especially stoked about that.

For jazz, I’m playing every other Friday with Dave Williams and his Rhythm Agents at the Exhibition Room in Long Beach, 930pm- Call ahead.

and then there’s the unclassifiable creative stuff:

Soundwaves 2017 (updated)

I’m happy to report I got funding for the Soundwaves concert series at the Santa Monica Public Library for the full year and have booked a killer lineup:

All shows are free and start at 7:30PM.

Soundwaves 2017

The new music series I’ve been organizing at my workplace, with Daniel Rothman‘s help, continues! We have booked the first half of the year, with some great folks queued up for the second half and maybe a bonus show or two to be added.

The Creative Music Studio Comes to L.A.

I am helping to bring the Creative Music Studio to Los Angeles for a weekend intensive in January. If you are a musician, and especially if you are dealing with improvised and/or groove-based music, I encourage you to check this out. Two days/three nights of intensive work with Karl Berger, Ingrid Sertso, Mark Dresser, Nicole Mitchell, and other teaching artists TBD. I have traveled to Woodstock several times to attend CMS sessions. You will not regret it.

This has been postponed. Stay tuned, and check out CMS’s upcoming NY events.