2018 Part 2

Progress continues in several creative areas:

The Arabic orchestra MESTO makes its first LA appearance in two years at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall March 17. Tickets are expensive, but there is a strong lineup of star singers and soloists and the band is stocked with hot LA folk, classical, studio, and experimental musicians (and also me).

I will be on the remaining concerts of the Santa Monica and Palisades Symphonies’ seasons. These are all free admission, so if you go to a couple of these and the MESTO show, you can lower your average ticket price.

I have a cluster of chamber music-style free improvisation gigs coming up:

I feel much more connected to the instrument when I can play without an amp, but I also want to work on using amplification to make small sounds more useful, as well as to be able to play in loud bands, of course. Here’s some video from a fun and funky recent gig where I was not quite loud enough:

And speaking of loud music, I’m organizing a recording session for three guitar-bass-drums improvising trios: Disclaimer (with Kristian Aspelin, Paul Pellegrin, and myself), Moonville (Haskel Joseph, Darryl Tewes, and Breeze Smith), and the Scott Heustis Trio (Scott, Breeze, and Tony Green). The plan is for each trio to record a long track and for each musician to pick a mix & match group for a short piece, sort-of Company style. This might be a CD or a Bandcamp-only release, we’ll see.

Also, there’s plenty of good stuff coming up on my Soundwaves concert series. Don’t sleep on it if you’re in LA, and if you aren’t in LA, a lot of videos of past shows are on the site.

Finally, the publication date for my book seems to be set: May 25!



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