2018 Part 1

So far 2018 has brought me a bunch of symphony and chamber music gigs:

followed by some non-classical action:

  • Feb. 12 the Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble plays a new live score to a silent movie TBD at the Art Theatre in Long Beach.
  • Feb. 17 Jonathon Grasse’s Native Plant Society (with Dave Williams and Tom Steck) plays structured improvisation at the Wine Bar in Long Beach on a bill with Dave’s NotQuiteFree and Threadbare Aristocrats (Dan Clucas/Darryl Tewes/Jonathan Saxon). 8pm. Free, but buy drinks and fill the tip jar…
  • and March 17 is the return of MESTO to UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall. This is a really special large ensemble of LA artists performing Arabic music, led by Palestinian-American conductor/composer/scholar Nabil Azzam. We’ve performed in Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Detroit. LA shows only happen every few years. This one features music from the Arabic-Latino North African connection and includes several amazing guest vocalists and soloists. That said, it’s gonna cost you $60 plus fees and parking. 7pm.

The Soundwaves concert series I run is moving ahead, with some great stuff coming up, and my book Free Jazz: A Research and Information Guide is on track for publication in May from Routledge’s Music Bibliographies series. The 4th edition of A Basic Music Library is also available now, after years in limbo. I contributed listings for the Himalayas and parts of India, Pakistan, and the Middle East. These are not books which any person should buy, but I hope they will be valuable tools for research libraries.

Happy New Year! Stay strong and fight back!



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