The Remainder of 2017

Summer is over and my book is approaching completion (?!?), so the performance schedule is going to fill up again.

For classical music I’ll be with the Palisades Symphony and Vicente Chamber Orchestra this fall. Palisades is playing Dvorak 9 and the Tchaikovsky violin concerto Oct. 22 at Pali High and the Bach Christmas Oratorio Dec. 3 at the Palisades Methodist Church, while Vicente have an all Mozart show Oct. 28 and Beethoven 7 and the Schumann piano concerto op. 54 Nov. 18, both at the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica. No Santa Monica Symphony for me until further notice.

For the avant stuff I’m playing with Cello Pudding and the West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio (with Ellen Burr & Andrea Centazzo) at Cafe NELA Sept. 24, then heading to Woodstock to work with Karl Berger, Mary Halvorson, Ken Filiano, Billy Martin, and many other great artists at the Creative Music Studio the first week of October. At the end of the month I’ll be playing  a structured improvisation with Jonathon Grasse’s Native Plant Society at Cal State Dominguez Hills on the 24th and a live score to The Phantom Carriage at the Santa Monica Public Library with the Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble on the 26th, then a set with Klang Association (Anna Homler, Jorge Martin, Carole Kim, and myself) at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts Nov. 5, opening for the Vicki Ray/Scot Ray duo.

Last but not least, the Soundwaves concert series I run at the library continues, with Jacqueline Suzuki, Susan Svrcek, James Sullivan, and Lynn Angebranndt playing Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time” Sept. 20, Tone Drift (GE Stinson, Kris Tiner, and Steuart Liebig) Oct. 18, and Eric Barber‘s Quintet Nov. 15. On Dec. 20, I’ll lead a workshop on graphic scores. Anyone who wants to play, show up by 6PM with your axe. We’ll rehearse for an hour, then showtime at 7:30. I’m giving a paper on the concert series at the California Library Association conference in Riverside Nov. 3. There’s going to be a lot more cool stuff happening with the series in 2018. Stay tuned…

Hope to see you at some of these gigs!

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