Pudding Time

In Dec. 2015 I saw Dave Travis sitting-in with one of Dave Williams‘ groups at Cafe NELA and realized that I knew three unconventional cello improvisers. I invited them to form a group, Dave Travis named us Cello Pudding, we played several shows at NELA, and spent a day in the studio. The album is now ready and we will be making our first appearance before an audience who have not come to drink beer and listen to punk rock.

Here are the details: Cello Pudding CD cover
recorded at Catasonic Studios by Mark Wheaton.
Cover by Dean Westerfield.
Vetza (LAFMS): cello & voice
Dave Travis (Carnage Asada): cello
Michael Intriere (Fat & F*&^ed Up, Anna Homler): cello
me: bass

Coming soon to Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc.

CD release show Aug. 6 7PM at the Open Gate series at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. Admission $10 ($5 for series performers).

We’re opening for the Michael Vlatkovich/Steuart Liebig/Garth Powell triumvirate.

I’m pretty stoked about bringing together these folks and about playing free improvised music that’s based on the four of us making sounds together with no preconceptions.


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