April Shows

The gigs keep coming! When is everyone going to realize how lame I am and stop calling?

In the jazz universe, the Rhythm Agents’ residency at the Exhibition Room in Long Beach continues on the 7th and 21st. Dave Williams, Patrick Butler, and myself, playing standards. 9:30PM-12:30AM. Reservations required.

As Bowie said, the European canon is here. Verdi’s Requiem on the 1st with the Santa Monica Symphony, Brahms and Tchaikovsky with the Palisades Symphony on the 9th.

Outward bound, JAB (with Anna Homler & Breeze Smith) is playing at The Battery Books and Music in Pasadena on the 6th at 8PM. The West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio (with Andrea Centazzo & Ellen Burr) is playing at Dave Williams’ Jazz at the Tithing Closet series on the 23rd around 7:30, and I may be in other bands on that bill as well. The Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble debuts Jack’s live score to the 1920 Douglas Fairbanks film The Mark of Zorro at the Santa Monica Public Library at 7:30 on the 27th, and a beautiful studio recording of that music will be available in iTunes and elsewhere.

And finally, I’m presenting Bonnie Barnett and her band (with Dan Clucas, Richard Wood, Hal Onersud, and Garth Powell) at the Santa Monica Public Library on the 19th. 7:30-8:30PM. Free admission.


More March

This month is going out with a bang!
Tuesday the 21st I’ll be at Cal State Dominguez Hills opening Jonathon Grasse’s faculty recital in a set with Dave Williams, Tom Steck, and Dr. Grasse himself, invoking some revolutionary musical spirits to deal with the present situation. Archie Shepp might have called it Dumpster Fire Music. 7:30pm in the University Theater. $5-10.
Friday the 24th Dave and I are playing our usual gig at the Exhibition Room. Standards with Patrick Butler on guitar. 930-1230. Reservations required.
Saturday I am subbing in a 2 women (plus band) show about Patsy Cline in Garden Grove. Thanks to Rebecca Lynn for the hookup.
Sunday is a double-header. New Valley Symphony at Forest Lawn at 2, playing all your favorite bits from Carmen, Don Giovanni, and The Magic Flute, then Scrappers 6-9 at The Offbeat, in which Dan Clucas and I improvise with Joe Baiza and Brian Christopherson from Saccharine Trust.

Two albums are in the pipeline: Cello Pudding (with Vetza, Dave Travis, and Michael Intriere) is free improvisation for three cellos, bass, and voice. Great recording, mix, etc. by Mark Wheaton and cover art by Dean Westerfield. No release date set, but it’ll definitely be before we play the Eagle Rock/Open Gate series Aug. 6. That’ll be a CD.¬†Zorro, by the Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble, is going to drop Apr. 27 as a download only. This is Jack’s music for the silent film The Mark of Zorro,¬†starring Douglas Fairbanks. The album is like one of those John Zorn Filmworks CDs, with like, 20 2-minute cues. I convinced him to record long Liberation Music Orchestra-style blowouts on a couple of the themes, but they didn’t make the cut. It’s a great-sounding product, recorded by former Sparks guitarist Earle Mankey. This version of the JCDE is Alicia Byer, Charles Sharp, Angelo Metz, Scott Dibble, “Slam” Nobles, and myself. Links to get these albums coming soon…