July-August Updates

As the smoke clears from the Santa Clarita fire, I return to self-promotion. Hope to see you out at these shows.

Saturday July 30 I’m playing with Cello Pudding at Cafe NELA. This is an improvising low-end string quartet with three unconventional cellists (Vetza from the LAFMS, Michael Intriere of Fat & F***ed Up, and Dave Travis from Carnage Asada) and myself on the contrabass. This show is a tribute to the late Mike Sheppard, a stalwart of the LA art/noise underground who ran Transparency Records. Also appearing are Spain and the Haden Triplets, among other acts. That’s right: we’re opening for all of Charlie Haden‘s kids’ bands. No pressure.

The next Friday, August 5, I’m playing trio with Charles Sharp and Peter Valsamis on a bill with duo B at the ARK in Altadena. duo B is Lisa Mezzacappa and Jason Levis from Oakland, interpreting Cecil Taylor‘s music with just string bass and drums. Charles, Peter, and I will follow with a slightly more orthodox set, likely to include compositions by Betty Davis, Henry Purcell, Toots and the Maytalls, and Dr. Sharp himself.

On Wednesday the 17th, Peter and I will be with Dana Reason on the Soundwaves series I curate at the Santa Monica Public Library, my regular workplace. That’s at 7:30. Free admission. One set only. This will be my first time playing as well as hosting and my first time performing before the library audience, many of who know me only as the mean librarian who won’t proofread their manifesto or get them Heidi Klum’s home address.

Sunday the 21st I’m one of six bassists tag-teaming through Bach’s Brandenberg Concertos at the Goethe-Institut to celebrate the end of Louis Fantasia‘s term as head of that organization’s LA branch. 5PM.

and Saturday the 27th I will almost certainly be at the Carlsbad Music Festival in at least one ensemble, but this isn’t quite confirmed.

Albums by Cello Pudding, MESTO, and the West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio are in the works as are international tours by the later two bands.

Also, I’ve signed a contract to write a book on free jazz for Routledge’s music bibliographies series, but that publication date is not accurate!


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