2016 Shows Part 1

  • Jan. 16: Santa Monica Symphony. MLK Tribute Concert. SGI Auditorium, Santa Monica. 2:30. free. The annual Buddhist-sponsored Martin Luther King weekend concert presents a challenge for the Symphony. How to connect the standard symphonic repertoire and the African-American experience? This year’s solution is to pay tribute to Marian Anderson.
  • Feb. 28: JAB (with Anna Homler & Breeze Smith) at Highways. Also appearing: William Roper. This is the debut of a new improvising trio with the unique Ms. Homler on voice and toys and my frequent collaborator, the also unique Breeze Smith, on percussion and electronics. It’s a bonus to appear at Highways, a venue with a long and important history in performance art and cultural politics.
  • Mar. 6: The Decisive Instant with Renee Baker at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. 7PM. $10. Also appearing: Philip Greenlief & Alex Cline. Charles Sharp and I turn our large ensemble over to Ms. Baker, described by Downbeat as an “AACM visionary,” for a set of conducted improvisation.
  • Mar. 12: Santa Monica Symphony. “Latin Rhythms” (Bernstein, Rodrigo, etc). SaMo High. 7:30PM. free.
  • Mar. 26: Darryl Kanouse 365 Wires opening. The Changing Same with Charles Sharp, Breeze Smith, and Gabriel “Slam” Nobles. The Iron Room, 5080 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90019. 4PM. My college buddy Darryl has been making a wire sculpture every day for almost a year. They’re pretty amazing, and when he reaches the end of the year, he’s going to sell them all. “The Changing Same” is a name I sometimes use for bands playing more traditional jazz material. This version is going to play some hard bop & soul jazz at Darryl’s art show, but we may take it out a little too.
  • May 29: Santa Monica Symphony. 7PM. SaMo High.

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