2015-16 Symphony Season(s)

This Saturday night , Oct 10, is the first show of the Santa Monica Symphony‘s new season. This is my main classical gig. If you’re in LA, I hope you’ll make it to some of these shows. They’re a lot of fun.
West LA has numerous pro/am orchestras; I’m quite happy with this one. The performances are high quality and are free admission, so they are usually packed. The conductor, Guido Lamell, is a violinist with the LA Phil, which means he’s able to very clearly translate his ideas about interpretation into specific string techniques so, for us string players, rehearsing with him is almost like a master class.
I’m also playing with the USC Concert Orchestra. This is their “B” orchestra. They need a second orchestra for all their wind performance majors, not to mention their composers and non-music majors who can play. They pad the string sections with some faculty and community people, i.e. me. There’s one concert each semester, early enough that it doesn’t conflict with students’ major projects. This year it’s Nov. 4. Check it out if you’re near USC.
I’ve done a couple of shows with the Brentwood-Westwood Symphony, which is mostly a pickup group of pros. I was happy to be able to more-or-less hang. They’re having organizational issues right now. I hope that gets worked out.
I also was involved with the Silicon Beach Ensemble this summer, but that got weird and ugly. I don’t know what’s going on there.


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