May 31

On Saturday May 31 Charles Sharp and I are playing two shows.

At 5:30 we are playing with Rich West on drums at the Unurban Cafe, 3101 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica. This is a project by choreographer Keith Glassman which combines our trio, four dancers, and a poet. The dance element is based on some of Allen Ginsberg’s photos, so we’ll be working mostly in a bebop/cool jazz/Ornette zone. Admission is free.

Then, at 10 we’ll be at MADhaus, 624 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, as the group Next, with Andrea Centazzo on percussion and electronics. This will be a free improvisation set. Expect a wide variety of timbres and textures. We are topping a four band bill. Also free admission. More info here.


mission statement

The purpose of this website is to promote and document my work as a musician and music scholar. For the last few years I have relied on Facebook, but not everyone is on there, and I should present this creative work separately from dog photos, political rants, workplace humor, etc.

I play the bass. I love the instrument and have taken a ridiculous assortment of gigs to develop as an artist and person. Music is my spiritual and physical practice.

I am primarily interested in free jazz/free improvisation/creative music, by which I mean extensions of post-Coltrane jazz, post-Cage composition, some progressive rock and post-punk, and other stuff. This music challenges its practitioners to develop unique voices while interpreting both established styles and new idioms. I’m very lucky to get to play with so many awesome musicians, occasionally including people whose records made me want to play this stuff in the first place.